Searching for Skylab: America’s forgotten triumph

Just one minute into its launch Skylab came within milliseconds of exploding, nearly ending NASA’s entire space program.

The Space Station made it into orbit but there were problems. NASA has 11 days to resolve them. With a display of unprecedented ingenuity, the engineers and the astronauts completed the first ever major repairs in space and continued the much anticipated science exploration

Listen to their stories, learn what Skylab missions meant to them maybe you’ll agree that their missions were crucial to advancing humanity.

Searching for Skylab

The first American Space Station Skylab is found in pieces scattered in Western Australia. Yet this picture of destruction is deceiving. Putting the pieces of Skylab back together and re-tracing the stations history back to its very conception reveals a key program of human exploration.

Using remastered, long lost, and in some cases, never seen archive footage integrated with eyewitness accounts of the astronauts, engineers, and their families, the movie presents a very factual account of the most glorious times of NASA while keeping a very human point of view of the demands placed on NASA and contractor staff. The story of Skylab is a remarkable part of human exploration history without which the world as we know it wouldn’t be possible today.

Skylab Missions

It is unfortunate that simply by falling in the immediate shadow of the hugely successful Apollo Lunar Landings, Skylab gets over looked. There was amazing science preformed on the orbital workshop, in addition to the crucial rescue and repairs which allowed the undertaking to occur in the first place. The fact that the 40 year old data collected on that space station is still used today in preparing events on the ISS is a testament to the pioneering stature that Skylab continues to exert in space exploration today. Why shouldn’t that story be told?

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