Tulsa Local Artist: LAustin

To support the local artist community, TASM works with a Tulsa artist that goes by LAustin. Specializing in unique and origional impressionistic and absract paintings, LAustin has created a myriad of aviation themed artwork available to bring right in your home! 

Shop LAustin Works

Spartan NP-1 Hand Embossed, Signed Gilcee

Huey UH-1H hand embossed, signed gilcee

Spartan Executive Hand Embossed, Signed Gilcee

Spartan Executive print mug

Tulsa Municiple Airport Art Deco Hand Embossed, Signed Gilcee

Tulsa Municiple Airport print mug


Expand the horizons of your universe throughthrough provoking STEM books- fun for all ages!

The Astronaut WIves Club

By Lily Koppel

Astronomy Lab for Kids: 52 Family friendly Activities

By Michelle Nichols

Birthday on Mars!

By Sara Schonfeld


By Steve Sheinkin

Dress Like a Woman

By Abram Brooks, Roxane Gay, Vanessa Friedman

Escape From Earth

By Faser MacDonald

Birthday on Mars!

By Sara Schonfeld


By Steve Sheinkin

First Flight Around the World

By Tim Grove

Hey Look at You on the move

By Emily Snape

How do you go to the bathroom in space?

By William Pogue

I Want to be a pilot: i can read

By Laura Driscoll

If you had a jetpack

By Lisl H. Detlefsen

Jack Blasts off

By Mac Barnett

Lightning Strikes

By John F Wasik

Little smokey

By Robert Neubecker

Moondust: In Search of the Men who Left the Earth

By Andrew Smith

Night Sky Atlas

By Robin Scagell

Other Worlds: Visions of Our Solar System

By Joseph Michalski and Michael Benson

Little smokey

By: Robert Neubecker

Penguin Flies Home

By Lita Judge

Power in Numbers: Rebel Women in Mathematics

By Talithia Williams

Rise of the Rocket Girls

By Nathalia Holt

Rocket Men

By: Craig Nelson

Rocket Says Look Up

By Nathan Bryon

Shoot for the moon

By James Donovan

Snoopy: First Beagle on the Moon

By Ximena Hastings

Ready to Read: Space Cows

By: Eric Seltzer

Space Spider

By Peter Bently

Catsronauts: Space Station Situation

By Drew Brockington

The Space Train

By Maudie Powell-Tuck

The Space Walk

By: Brian Biggs

Sun, Moon, earth

By Tyler Nordgren

Urban Astronomy

By Robin Scagell

What is NASA?

By Sarah Fabiny

Wild About Science

By: Steve Parker, John Farndon, Morgan Sally, Bromage FRAN, Sarah Parkin

WIld About Space

By Steve Parker and Sue Becklake

Women in aviation

By Julian Hale

You Can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen

By Carole Boston Weatherford

Aviation in Tulsa and Northeast OKlahoma

By Kim Jones

Distance Learning STEM Kits

Hands-on and minds-on STEM activities designed to engage the mind in a fun way!

Anti-Gravity Maglev

Defy gravity and learn about magnetic levitation technology. This kit includes materials to float a pencil, levistate a screw, build a fortune teller, build a maglev robot, and more!

Robotic Hand

Assemble a robotic human hand and amaze your friends with its realistic gripping ability. Detailed instructions are included, with completed hand about 9″ long. 

Night Sky projection kit

Create your own star projector using the contents of this kit. Includes northern and southern hemispheres, 4.5″ diameter lamp, star chart, and instructions. 

Test Tube Garden

See roots grow and learn about the plant life cycle with this fascinating gardening activity. Contains a wooden test tube stand, three 5.5″ plastic viewing tubes, growing medium, seeds, and instructions.

Solar System Planetarium

Build your own glow-in-the-dark planetarium with this creative kit. Contains model with stand, brush, paint strip, instructions, and more! Assembled model is 11″ span.

Plasma orb Light

Touch the 6″ glass sphere to control energized plasma with your fingertips. Includes one Plasma lamp.


Mugs bound to fit into any collection! See our NASA mugs and Rosie the Riveter mugs in our sections below.

B-17 Flying fortress full color

p-51 Mustang Full color

b-29 superfortress spotter mug

b-24 liberator spotter mug

Tasty Treats

Out of this world snacks!

Astronaut Ice-Cream: Neapolitan

Astronaut ice-cream: Vanilla

cosmik ice cream: mint chololate chip

cosmik ice cream: strawberry

cosmik ice cream: cookies and cream


Your one stop shop for all things NASA!

Silver Bear Keychain

Silver Robot Keychain

Astronaut keychain set

Spinning shuttle keychain

I love space magnet

Space shuttle magnet

Nasa meatball logo patch

Space shuttle patch

Reuseable nasa travel bottle

Shuttle Shotglass

meatball logo shotglass

Boxed Lunar Landing Mug

Boxed Shuttle Mug

Embossed Blue Meatball Mug

Embossed White Meatball Mug

Black and white lunar landing mug

Zipper Sweater with Meatball Logo

Grey Hoodie with Retro Nasa Logo

Black Hoodie with Nasa worm logo

Black Hoodie rocket scientist

Black shirt with red worm logo

Grey Tie-Dye shirt with nasa astronaut

Black Shirt with retro nasa logo

Black Polo shirt with Meatball logo

Blue nasa meatball hat

pink nasa meatball hat

Grey Nasa meatball hat

Black beanie with worm logo

Black beanie with meatball logo

Plush brown puppy with nasa logo

Backpack with shuttle launch and worm logo

Backpack with moon landing and worm logo

NASA Astronaut pen with rover

nasa astronaut charm pen

Nasa meatball logo charm pen

nasa shuttle charm pen