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Microscopes Lab 

Next Class:  December 7th, 2023     [Click Here to Register]

Learn the basics of microscope lab safety and how to use a compound light microscope!  Course will highlight lab safety, understanding the anatomy of a compound light microscope, how to create a wet mount slide, and how to focus a slide on your microscope.   Appropriate for ages 11 and up (6th – 12th grade)  

Cost:  $30 includes all necessary supplies + day access to museum (add a planetarium show for $6)


Tulsa’s Aviation History

Available Tuesday thru Saturday

Come and learn why our mission is “Honoring the Past, Inspiring the Future” with Oklahoma’s second largest industry – aviation!  Take a tour through our museum with a docent, ask and answer questions about Tulsa’s role in aviation history, including World War II aircraft production, and try your hand on our various flight simulators. Then, learn the basics of flight and test your knowledge by building a glider!  Finish your day with an aerospace showing in our amazing planetarium.

Appropriate for ages 8 and up (3rd – 12th grade)     

$25 includes all supplies, day access to museum, and 1 planetarium show.



Next Class:  November 30th, 2023    [Click Here to Register]

Learn about all things spachttps://wkf.ms/47hdLAEe! This course covers a wide range of age-appropriate topics throughout our solar system — phases of the moon, scale model of the solar system, tracking star constellations, and more.

Appropriate for ages 6 and up (K – 12th grade)

$25 includes all supplies, day access to museum, and 1 planetarium show.

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