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Educational Programming

Welcome teachers to our educational programming here at TASM. Below you’ll find all the general information about field trips and the hands-on education students receive when they visit the museum and planetarium as well as the contact information if you would like to book! The primary mission of the museum is to inspire and educate young people in science, technology, engineering and math – STEM – using an aviation and aerospace environment, and we hope to see you here!

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Museum Tour

Booking a field trip at TASM is the only way to get a personal guided tour with one or more of our experienced docents, who share their stories of their time in the aviation industry as they explain exhibits, help the students with our interactive exhibits, and take the students through our American Airlines MD-80! Teachers can also choose to have their students do a self-guided tour complete with a scavenger hunt designed to get those students reading and learning from the exhibits.

Museum Scavenger Hunt



The James E. Bertelsmeyer Planetarium provides an exciting educational experience by pairing stunning high-definition visuals with state of the art technology in a fully-immersive theater atmosphere. In addition to daily screenings of full-dome videos, we also present interactive programs ranging from basic astronomy to earth science. TASM’s planetarium inspires curiosity seekers to explore our universe and discover the wonders of Earth.

Teachers can choose to have their students see a planetarium showing during their field trip. For special showings, contact our education coordinator for more information

Planetarium Schedule

Educational Activities

TASM offers many different hands-on and minds-on educational activities to suit your classes needs and tie into aviation and space themes to engage the class in an informal learning environment. TASM’s activities are listed below, feel free to contact our education coordinator for more information on the class and how an educational activity can benefit your field trip!

Stomp Rockets

A quick and easy look into the science behind how rockets really work including very basic physics (Newton’s 3rd Law of motion) and the different parts of a rocket. Demonstrations involving rockets cars to further explain Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Students also get to build their own paper STOMP Rockets and launch them outside, next to our American Airlines MD-80, using air pressure to create upwards thrust.

Recommended grade range: 1st – 12th


Detailed look into how NASA lands rovers on other planets such as mars. Students get to build their own landers and test them as they learn about the engineering design cycle used by NASA engineers to design and operate real life landers.

Recommended grade range: 5th – 12th

Physics of Flight

An in-depth look into the science and math of how aircraft fly! Students will look at the four forces that act on an aircraft in flight and how pilots manipulate those four forces to control their aircraft. After the lesson students will have the opportunity to try their hand at our Paper Airplane Obstacle Course in which they have to apply what they have learned in order to finish.

Recommended grade range: 7th – 12th

Field Trip Inquiry Form

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    Teacher Information



    • Main teacher or point of contact should check in at the main lobby where the education coordinator will check-in and process payment for your group
    • Students will enter the museum through the main lobby, where they will be lead through the activities on the groups itinerary
    • Backpacks and lunches will be dropped off in the museum before activities begin
    Photography Policy

    By entering the museum, you grant permission to the museum or our approved sponsor/third party to use your name, voice, image, or likeness in connection with any image, video, other transmission, or reproduction promoting the museum. Accommodations are available for guests who do not want to be or cannot be photographed for privacy reasons. 

    Basic Rules
    • All students must turn in group waivers prior to museum visit or during check in or students will not be allowed to enter the museum
    • Students may not bring backpacks into the museum hall or gift shop. All backpacks will be dropped off inside of a designated area in the museum before activities begin
    • Students must stay with chaperones for the duration of visit
    • Walk! For the safety of all of our guests, please do not allow children run in the museum
    Gift Shop

    Students are only allowed entry to the gift shop if planned prior to visit with our education coordinator. Gift shop rules are as followed:

    • No more than 7 students allowed in the gift shop at one time
    • One chaperone/teacher must accompany students in the gift shop 
    • No backpacks or running in and out of the gift shop is allowed
    • Nothing leaves the store without paying for it
    • No food, drink, or gum allowed in store

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