James E. Bertelsmeyer Planetarium

The James E. Bertelsmeyer Planetarium provides an exciting educational experience by pairing stunning high-definition visuals with state of the art technology in a fully-immersive theater atmosphere. In addition to daily screenings of full-dome videos, the Bertelsmeyer Planetarium also shows half-dome movies, as well as live star tours of tonights night sky!

TASM’s planetarium inspires curiosity seekers to explore our universe and discover the wonders of Earth.

Tuesday-Thursday Schedule
11:00 AM

Earth, Moon, and Sun




Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity


Faster Than Light: Dream of Interstellar Flight

*Please note the events calendar for any changes in schedule

Friday-Saturday Schedule
11:00 AM

Destination Mars: The Final Frontier with Live Star Tour


Black Holes


From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA


Faster than Light: Dream of Interstellar Flight

*Please note the events calendar for any changes in schedule

  • Admission and seating for 110 is on a first come, first serve basis. Buy your tickets online to ensure a spot!
  • Doors open 5-10 minutes before show start for general seating. Shows begin on the hour, no late entry into the Planetarium Theater allowed.
  • No food or drink, water acceptable, allowed in the planetarium.
  • On certain days, other planetarium presentations will be shown due to group reservation, to confirm a planetarium show call 918.834.9900.
  • Regularly scheduled planetarium shows are a different ticket than the Skylab documentary ticket.
  • Unlimited planetarium shows are available to TASM members!
Planetarium News

Mask Policy: Masks are required in the Planetarium building at all times. Masks will be available in the planetarium lobby if needed.

Ticket Price

Some special events may change the ticket price.

Regularly Scheduled Show: $7

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Now SHowing! Show trailers and information

Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity

Narrated by Academy-Award nominated actor Liam Neeson, this cutting-edge production features high-resolution visualizations of cosmic phenomena, working with data generated by supercomputer simulations, to bring the current science of black holes to the dome screen.

Audiences will be dazzled with striking, immersive animations of the formation of the early universe, star birth and death, the collision of giant galaxies, and a simulated flight to a super-massive black hole lurking at the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Produced by Thomas Lucas Productions and Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Dawn of the Space Age

Relive the excitement of the early days of space exploration, from the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik, to the magnificent lunar landings and privately operated space flights.

Be immersed and overwhelmed with this most accurate historic reconstruction of man’s first steps into space.

Who were these men and women that took part in these death-defying endeavors? Witness their drive, their passion, and their dedication to explore in Dawn of the Space Age.

Produced by Mirage3D.

From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA

Join NASA’s engineers as they design, test, and launch today’s hottest missions into space. Witness the enormity of the new James Webb Space Telescope, the intensity of Goddard Space Flight Center’s testing facilities, and the excitement of the New Horizons mission to Pluto.

From blueprint to blastoff, experience how unmanned space flight is pushing the frontiers of human exploration to the very edges of the universe!

Produced by the Museum of Science.

Destination Mars: The Final Frontier

Explore the work being done around the globe to help make the dream of getting humans to Mars a reality. Fly through the International Space Station, where astronauts are already living and working in space, and follow the rockets and vehicles that will take humans beyond the Moon and, one day, all the way to Mars! Travel along as we imagine this remarkable journey.

This film is narrated by former NASA astronaut Mae Jemison and Emmy-award winning actor Keith David and includes original music by Claudio Ragazzi, a Grammy Award-winning professor at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

Produced by the Charles Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Science, Boston

Earth, Moon, and Sun

Coyote has a razor-sharp wit, but he’s a little confused about what he sees in the sky.

Join this amusing character (adapted from American Indian oral traditions) in a fast-paced and fun fulldome show that explores lunar phases, eclipses and other puzzles.

Engaging and immersive, Earth, Moon & Sun™ also examines how humans learn through space exploration. A perfect show the little ones!

Produced by UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.

Faster than Light: The Dream of Interstellar Flight

The impulse to strike out into the unknown, to see what’s over the horizon… is as old as humanity. Scientists now believe our galaxy is filled with solar systems, including up to 9 billion Sun-like stars with planets similar to Earth. Take a virtual ride aboard spacecraft of the future. Based on entirely new technologies designed to achieve ultra-high speeds, using exotic next generation rocket fuels and breakthrough concepts in physics. How far can our technology take us?


Every star has a story. Some are as old as time, faint and almost forgotten. Others burn bright and end their lives in powerful explosions. New stars are created every day, born of vast clouds of gas and dust. Through every phase of their existence, stars release the energy that powers the Universe. Journey to the furthest reaches of our galaxy and experience both the awesome beauty and destructive power of “STARS”.